While living in Singapore, Our Brew Master, Ms Desiree Roloff and her husband wanted to find a cheaper and better solution to the mass produced beers.  Self taught, they created several craft beers that they wanted to share with their friends.  These craft beers were such a success; they decided to create ABC brewing to deliver affordable craft beers that everyone can enjoy.


Desiree’s brewing methods use old world boil pots with a single Mash and a fly sparge.   These craft beers are all grain and the grains are from Bamberg, Germany. The hops are from the upper Northwest of the USA.  These ingredients are completely natural and do not contain any preservatives or additives. Each five gallon batch is created by hand and takes about 4 hours to mash and sparge which creates a wort.  Yeast is then pitched over the wort and sealed in a fermentation vessel for 20 days.  After 20 days, the fermented beer is measured with a gravity tester to determine the Alcohol Volume.  Each batch of Pale Ale is 5.25ABV percent and our IPA is 7ABV percent.  After fermenting, the beer is then moved to a keg and placed under high pressure Co2 for 5 days to naturally carbonate the beer.  The keg is then moved to our serving station and the Co2 is reduced to serving pressure for two days before we tap the beer and serve to you.


ABC craft brewing exclusively creates approximately 75 to 100 gallons of Baha Bar beer  locally on island each month.

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